The Darth Side is a PS4 Neverwinter Guild that focuses primarily on casual to moderate but active solo PvE gameplay. Our main priority is to provide a low-stress and drama free environment so we can all actually enjoy playing the game.

Some of us are more social than others, and our Members’ individual interests and play styles vary. So, whatever your play style is, you’re likely to find  like-minded Guild Members to play with.

We require that our members be welcoming and accepting of all players, no matter their sexuality, race, religion or new/veteran player status. Discrimination of ANY kind will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from our Guild.

Our Main Philosophy is simple:

Have fun, play the game your way, always be kind, fair and helpful to all players, in or outside of our Guild.


Guild Policies

Guild Rules
Guild Bank
Guild Coffer Contributions

Current Guild Stronghold Information

You may track The Darth Side’s Stronghold Upgrade progress here.

Guild Invitation

If you are interested in simply having a good time, enjoying the benefits being in a Neverwinter guild provides without the often-added social, Elitist or hardcore gaming pressures, I invite you to apply to Join The Darth Side. You may fill out our brief online application, email or PM @baronvonheller or any Rank 4 or above member who is online in-game, or our Contact page.

We look forward to meeting you and growing our Guild Community together!