2X Shards Event

Greetings, Darth Siders! The Neverwinter 2X shards Event has officially started again! This Event provides us the opportunity fill our coffer with Power Shards so that we can upgrade our Stronghold much quicker. Be sure to visit the Stronghold Cleric, Ranger, Builder, and Master of Coin daily. Completing their quests during the event will earn twice the normal Adventurer’s, Heroic and Dungeoneer’s Shards of Power to donate to the Guild Coffer so we can continue to upgrade. […]

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2x Influence & 2x Seals

We can can never have enough Influence! From Arcgames: This weekend any source that would typically reward Influence will give double the amount! In addition, whether you're looking to finally get the elusive stronghold gear or mayhaps a few extra enchantments, a 2x Seals weekend is sure to aid you. All seals will be received at double the rate! 2x Influence & 2x Seals starts Thursday, July 19 at 10am PT 2x Influence & 2x Seals ends Monday, July 23 at 10am PT Note: The Stronghold Siege event does not award 2x Influence

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