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Current Darth Side Stronghold Status

Guild Hall Level 8

Current Upgrade Coffer Goal

The Wizard’s Workshop Level 4

Existing Guild Structures

Boon Structures:

The Wizard’s Workshop Level 3

  • Defensive Boon: Hit Points Bonus of 9600 (lessened effects at levels lower than 70)
  • Utility Boon: 6% Healing Potion Bonus

Resource Structures:

Farm Level 4

Lumberyard Level 4

Mine Level 4

Quarry Level 4

The Marketplace Level 4

Marketplace includes:
– The Barmaid
– The Generalist
– The Gemmonger
– The Outfitter

Next Upgrade Coffer Goal


In order to take advantage of all the benefits that a Guild Stronghold offers, we will always be working on Stronghold Upgrades. Want to contribute but don’t know how? Here’s a guide!


As with all The Darth Side Stronghold donations, please contribute what, when and how you can. We certainly want to upgrade the Stronghold as quickly as we can, but never at the expense of our Member’s game enjoyment!

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