Refining gear and Enchantments can be one of the most daunting as well as resource-costly challenges in Neverwinter, but it doesn’t have to be!

I designed this guide primarily to help you prepare for Neverwinter 2x Refining Stones events, the most cost-effective time to refine gear, but it should be applicable to help you refine items any time that you want to.

The first step to a successful 2x Refining Stones event is proper pre-planning and preparation in order to achieving your event refinement goals. (I learned this quickly after the first 2X event I seriously attempted!)

Step 1:

ABS: Always Be Saving!

For the greatest chance of success during a 2x Refining Stones event, you need to save nearly every single +5 or higher enchantment and at least all green, blue or purple refining stones that you acquire in between events.

This can be difficult to accomplish, primarily because you will most definitely run into storage problems. (Please visit our Inventory Management Guide for advice on how to overcome this.)

Step 2:

Set A Realistic Refinement Goal

Unless you are willing to spend a ton of real money on zen to to convert to Astral Diamonds, it will be nearly impossible to refine every artifact and piece of artifact gear to Legendary/Mythic or all of your various enchantments to level 14 or Transcendent during a single refinement event.

My Advice is to focus on completing a primary goal and partially completing a secondary one. For example:

Refine 3 or 4 Artifacts to Legendary from Epic or from Legendary to Mythic, and then focus on either artifact weapons/gear or getting a few weapon or offense/defense enchants up a couple levels.

Step 3:

Grind Smart, Not Hard Towards Achieving Your Goal

There are several options for you to rapidly increase your supply of refinement items.

Utilize Passive Collecting Method

Be sure to slot the highest level Dragon’s Hoard, Quartermaster’s Enchantments* & Fey Blessing enchantments in all available Utility slots. It is generally preferable to use Dragon’s Hoard and Quatermaster’s enchantments in any combination that works for you vs Fey Blessings, because the gems and bags drop directly into your bags. No pickup nescessary!

Acquire a mount that comes with Wanderer’s Fortune. If you have a lot of alts or plan to, it probably makes sense to purchase the Lord’s Armored Polar Bear as it unlocks on all current and future character. Otherwise, Suratuk’s Jungle Spider is a great one-character mount that can be purchased on the Auction House. (At the time of this writing, it’s ridiculousy cheap at around 4K Astral Diamonds)

*There’s a method to properly utilizing the bags that drop from QE’s. Please read Arax’s Quartermaster Enchants are Awesome Guide, Mod 13 Edition on Reddit. It fully explains the process.

Take Advantage Of Other Semi-Passive Game Options

Save all the stackable Steward’s Incentive Packages that you receive each time you complete the Stronghold Mission “Keeping The Peace and only open them during a 2x Refining Stones event. Remember, this mission can be done in conjunction with Defending The Stronghold, which will earn you 10 Adventurer’s Shard of Power and 400 Influence that you can donate to our Stronghold Coffer and earn Guild Marks to spend in our Marketplace.

Save all the Bounty Currency you receive from various locations throughout Neverwinter. Turn 40 currencies into the various Bounty Masters in exchange for 1 Partisan’s packs. In addition to receiving +3 to +5 enchantments, you will also receive an assortment of potions, profession resources and injury kits.

Step 4:

Purchase Any Items Needed From Auction House Before The Event Starts

Once you have set your goals for the event, be sure to make yourself a checklist of every item that you will need to upgrade each item.

Neverwinter’s economy is no less subject to the law of supply and demand than any other real-world economy! Be sure to prepare and purchase well in advance of the event, or else you’ll pay premium event markup prices on the Auction House or you may not be able to afford the items you need at all.

Bonus Tip:

If you have extra refinement items or artifacts that you won’t need, save them to sell on the Auction House to recoup some of the Astral Diamonds you spent preparing!


I hope that you all found this guide helpful! I will continue to update it as I learn new tricks or receive input from you guys.