Greetings, Darth Siders!

The Neverwinter 2X shards Event has officially started again! This Event provides us the opportunity fill our coffer with Power Shards so that we can upgrade our Stronghold much quicker. Be sure to visit the Stronghold Cleric, Ranger, Builder, and Master of Coin daily. Completing their quests during the event will earn twice the normal Adventurer’s, Heroic and Dungeoneer’s Shards of Power to donate to the Guild Coffer so we can continue to upgrade.

2x Stronghold Shards, Bonus RP,  & 25% off Bags starts Thursday, July 26 at 10am PT.

2x Stronghold Shards, Bonus RP,  & 25% off Bags ends Monday, July 30 at 10am PT.

We are currently most in need of Heroic Shards of Power, so be sure to do all available “Challenge and defeat X” Builder quests.

Please remember to grab your daily Random Dungeon and Random Skirmish quests from the Cleric every day, regardless of whether there is a shard event or not. In addition to earning Dungeoneer’s shards for the Guild coffer, you’ll earn a nice chuck of Astral Diamonds for your OWN Coffer!

If you need further information or how to complete daily stronghold quests, please visit our guide.