Being a member of The Darth Side Guild or any other Neverwinter Guild provides many added benefits such as Guild boons and the Guild Marketplace that are unavailable to non-Guild allied players.

However, these benefits come at a cost – sometimes a very high one.

There are many ways to contribute to the ever-hungry gaping maw of the Guild Coffer. Most of them are rather easy and can be done in tandem with the daily quests you are already doing, especially Doing The Rounds quest.

Guild Daily Quests
Full List of Guild Quests

Once you have completed a quest and claimed your Guild Coffer reward items, simply return to the Coffer and deposit them. In return, you will be granted a number of Guild Marks that can be spent in our Marketplace.

Current status of our Stronghold and Upgrade Goals can be found here.


Unlike many Neverwinter Guilds, The Darth Side doesn’t set a minimum donation quota. However, in order to be fair to all guild members, if you are an active player, we do expect that you make periodic contributions which will be reflected in the coffer donation records.