Baron’s Guide To Neverwinter Hoarding

Well met, Fellow Neverwinter Hoarders! If you're reading this, I'll bet your Neverwinter Inventory bags and bank slots are probably full, and you've just realized the high cost of storage options for Neverwinter Hoarders, right? Don't worry. I'll help you sort out your inventory problems and for cheaper than you think, too! The most obvious choice is to buy more bags or bank slots, right? Buying Bags The first option is to purchase 6 Runic Bags of Holding at 1600 Zen a piece, for a cost of 9600 Zen or approximately $100 PER CHARACTER! Even if you have that kind of money to waste - err spend, you'd get 216 total storage slots. (Actually, you'd only end up with 142 new slots, because you'd have to unequip the 4 free bags you get that have a total of 60 slots.) You could also save up and buy Runic Bags of Holding on [...]