As we all know, the communication system in Neverwinter is “less than ideal”.  Not everyone has a headset and mic, so some are forced to endure the torture of typing with the controller, making any questions or responses short and sometimes confusing.  There is help available!

Enter the PlayStation app.  This is available for both Android and iOS, so practically anyone can use it.  This little app has a lot of cool features including a list of your friends, seeing who is on or off-line, comparing trophies, PlayStation news and access to the PS Store.  There’s even a handy texting service that acts like an instant messenger for PlayStation users, going directly to the console or your mobile device.

My favorite feature of the PS app is the Second Screen.  I’ll include a link at the bottom to show you how to set it up.  In Neverwinter, this acts as a keyboard entry for the chat window.  You can now type on the handy keyboard in your hand instead of using the old “hunt-and-peck” approach with your PS controller. This works on both tablets and Smartphones.  To sweeten the deal, if you are using your Smartphone, you can press the mic icon next to the space bar and can use Voice-to-Text to make your life even easier.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Bring up the chat window (L1 + Down)
  2. Enter value (square button)
  3. Keyboard pops up on mobile device
  4. Type message on mobile (or speak after pressing the mic button)
  5. Hit Done button on mobile screen
  6. Send message (X button)

If you think this is cool, try it out in other games.  Though I have not personally used this feature anywhere other than NW, I understand that the Second Screen can be used as a menu control in some games, shows your map in others and probably has many other creative uses.

Get the App:

Android – Google Play
iPhone – App Store

Instructions on setup:

How to set up PlayStation Second Screen