Baron’s Guide to Neverwinter Hoarding

Well met, Fellow Hoarders!

If you’re reading this, I’ll bet your Neverwinter bags and bank slots are probably full, and you’ve just realized the high cost of storage options for Neverwinter Hoarders, right?

Don’t worry. I’ll help you sort out your inventory problems and for cheaper than you think, too!

The most obvious choice is to buy more bags or bank slots, right?

Buying Bags

What Cryptic would like you to do is purchase 6 Runic Bags of Holding at 1600 Zen a piece, for a cost of 9600 Zen or approximately $100 PER CHARACTER! Even if you have that kind of money to waste – err spend, you’d get 216 total storage slots. (Actually, you’d only end up with 156 new slots, because you’d have to unequip the 3 free bags you get that have a total of 60 slots.)

You could also save up and buy Runic Bags of Holding on the Auction House with Astral Diamonds. At the time of this post, they are available for 500K AD each, so that’s 3 Million Astral Diamonds!

Buying Bank Slots

16 additional bank slots cost 600 zen (510 using the 15% coupon) or 171K Astral Diamonds. 8 shared bank slots cost 700 zen (595 using the 15% coupon) or 200K Astral Diamonds.

That’s not very economical now is it? Here’s a few better ways to get more storage without spending real money or any more of your hard-earned Astral Diamonds than absolutely nescessary!

Use Your Mailbox

A lot of  players do not realize that you can mail any unbound or account bound items to your own account, absolutely free!

  1. You must visit an actual Mailbox location or use your VIP mailbox portal
  2. Go to “compose mail”, and enter any of your alts names and PSN@name (eg “Harry Potter@ControlWizard”)
  3. Attach up to 5 unbound or account bound items
  4. Send!

Once the items are sent, they can be retrieved from ANY of the alts on your account, including the one you sent it from. There is definitely a storage limit to this method, but I don’t know the exact number of items that triggers the “full” message.

Use The Auction House 

This method is only cost effective once you have reached VIP Level 8, which eliminates Auction House Listing fees. DO NOT use this method if you are still subject to listing fees or you will lose Astral Diamonds very quickly.

Each character on your account may have up to 40 items posted on the Auction House at a time. Simply post any unbound items that you want to store for a ridiculously high price and that will buy you 5 days of storage.

Afraid of losing your item if it sells? I’d be more than happy to “lose” an item worth 5000 AD for a price of 1 million AD!

Purchase Additional Character Slots

I saved the best option for last! This is absolutely the cheapest and best way to solve your storage problems, won’t cost you a single penny of real money or many Astral Diamonds either!

You can purchase 2 additional Character slots from the zen market for 500 Zen (425 if you wait until a 15% off anything coupon drops from an Invocation Bag). At today’s AD to Zen conversion rates, that’s only 143K Astral Diamonds.

You don’t have that much, you say? Simply running 2 dungeons and 2 skirmishes a day  will earn you 21,600 per day, so in 6 days you will! (less if you salvage and/or sell a few things on the Auction House.)

With each brand-new character, you immediately receive:

1 Adventurer’s Satchel – 30 slot bag

16 Bank Slots

That’s 92 immediate storage slots for only 425 Zen (or 143k Astral Diamonds)

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to those 92 slots, you can quickly run these 2 low-level quests, Close To The Crown and Clockwork Guild Tomb and earn 2 more bags for each new alt for a total of 60 more bag slots!

That will leave you with 152 more storage slots!

There you have it, folks. You can spend 9600 zen ($100 real dollars or 3 million Astral Diamonds) for 156 inventory slots, or spend 425 Zen ($5 real dollars or 143k Astral Diamonds) for 152 new slots!

I hope you found this guide helpful! Please feel free to share or repost it if you’d like. Just please link back to the original page if you do, please.

Happy Adventuring!

Baron Von Heller

Please Note: The Astral Diamond to Zen conversion at the time of the writing of this guide was 336:1, which is actually a bit high. It usually hovers right around 300:1.