Are you interested in joining The Stonewall Alliance?

We have several member Guilds that are currently accepting applications for new players, and we are also accepting applications for new Guilds to join our Alliance. Each Guild has their own requirements for membership. Please review the highlighted requirements below to determine which guild might be the best fit for you or feel free to Contact Us for further information or clarification.

Once you have decided on a Guild, please fill out their brief application.  Once we receive your application, one of the Guild Leaders or Officers will be in touch with you shortly.

Upon acceptance, you will be able to register an account on our website and be provided access to our Alliance Forums.

Please review our Alliance Rules and Policies prior to submitting an application. Submission of an application indicates your acceptance of these rules.

Stonewall Guild – Helm Guild

Stonewall Guild is mainly, but not strictly, for active casual mature PvE players 30+. You are invited to participate in Text or mic chat and group activities, but it is not a requirement. Many of our members prefer solo adventuring to group adventuring. We offer a low-pressure environment  both to “social butterflies” and those who prefer to enjoy the benefits of a Guild, without social gaming obligations.

We have no “membership fees” of any kind or a donation quota requirement. However, if you are an active player we do expect you to visit the Stronghold and contribute towards the current coffer goal. Many Stronghold Coffer Donation items can be earned while doing daily missions that you are already doing!

Stonewall Guild Application

Shadow Pixies – Sword Guild

The Shadow Pixies is for active, very social, moderate to hardcore PvE players, 18+. In order to join, they require that you have a Headset Mic and are willing to participate regularly in party chat and groups. We also require you to run Stronghold Daily Quests, either in groups or solo is permitted if you are able.

Shadow Pixies Guild Application

Aegis Fang – Sword Guild

Aegis Fang is for active, moderate to hardcore PvE players, 18+. Some of our players are very social while others prefer to run on their own. We are mostly LGBTQ allies, but are very LGBTQ friendly, so all are welcome!

We request that you have a Headset Mic but it is not required. We also request you run Stronghold Daily Quests, either in groups or solo is permitted if you are able. If you cannot run them on your own and would like to be able to donate to the coffer, please contact a leader, we are more than happy to help.

We are a guild that is very dedicated to helping their members in any way possible.

Aegis Fang Guild Application

Allied Guild Application

Are you the Leader of an LGBTQ Guild interested in having your Guild join The Stonewall Alliance? We currently have several available Gauntlet Guild positions available and are accepting predominantly LQBTQ Guilds of all levels and play styles, from casual to hardcore and PvE and PvP.

We believe that it is important for each Guild Leader to maintain complete control over their own guilds, as long as their policies do not conflict with our general rules.

AllGuild Leaders have a say in major alliance decisions, so before an application is accepted, it will be discussed among all current Guild leaders/Officers and voted on prior to an invitation being sent.

Stonewall Alliance Guild Application

If you have any questions, please Contact Us via our site, PM Baron Von Heller@baronvonheller in game, or send a PSN message to @baronvonheller.