Welcome To The Darth Side

UPDATE: We have changed our guild name to Stonewall, and can now be found at Stonewall Guild and Alliance.

The Darth Side is a group of intrepid Sith Adventurers who have formed an uneasy alliance to conquer – err save – Neverwinter and claim it for The Empire.We are an active, but casual PS4 Neverwinter Guild. We are an LGBT friendly guild that welcomes all players.

We pride ourselves on offering a casual environment where gamers of all skill levels and types feel welcome so that you can fully enjoy your Neverwinter Adventures without the added pressure of overbearing Guild rules and the drama that often causes.

Whether you are a casual, moderate, hardcore, we hope to provide you the escape from reality you desire while gaming.

That being said, there are some basic Guild rules, guidelines and requirements. Since we are still newer, these are preliminary and subject to change without prior notice, based on the needs of the Guild and/or it’s membership.


Character Level/Class/Race: NONE

We welcome both dripping wet recruits as well as grizzled war veterans. We have all been there and needed a helping hand along our hero’s journey

Guild Contributions

As you are all aware, any Guild’s Coffer is a constant gaping maw of neediness that must be satiated to advance and grow our Stronghold.

We do not have any mandatory contributions. You will NEVER be asked or expected to contribute any form of item purchased with real money nor will your character expected to go broke with in game currency or items.

In the meantime, we think it’s a reasonable and achievable request that all TDS members complete one stronghold daily quest and turn in the results to the coffer.

If this is agreeable to you, and you are a mature and laid-back gamer looking for a low pressure Guild in Neverwinter – you’ll find a home in The Darth Side. 

P.S. We also find those lacking in patience with newer Gamers disturbing and will not be tolerated.

Want to Join The Darth Side and tag along with us? Fill out our brief application Email me or PM in game (I don’t often follow PM chat): Baron Von Heller@baronvonheller.

The worse that could happen is we’ll force you to have a good time!

PLEASE NOTE: None of your information will be publicly visible or shared with anyone.


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